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We're Growing a Garden!

We are so excited to announce that we are growing our family! For those who know our family, no we are not having another baby. We are growing our professional family with the creation of Grow Your Garden!

What is Grow Your Garden?

Grow Your Garden is the answer to all of your gardening questions. We have personal experience with trying to plant a garden - where to start, raised beds or not, what seeds to plant, how to plant them - the list is endless! This gave us the idea to create a product that people could easily access, understand and enjoy. We thought about this - a lot. And in the end, Grow Your Garden was born.

What Makes Grow Your Garden Unique

Grow Your Garden is all about providing a complete kit, with everything you need to start your garden adventure, or to add on to your current garden.

Every kit includes an ASSEMBLED planter box (NO tools required), beginner seed packs, information packages for every seed type and checklists to help you grow, fertilizer for a season of planting + delivery to your home.

We have different additional options for each package, with upgrades that include premium soil delivery + installation. We know that moving dirt is one of the hardest parts about working in your yard and the team at Sol Landscaping is ready to help!

Our Garden Kits

We have different options that we have developed to suit the needs of as many of our clients as possible. They range from mini boxes for flowers (constructed of pine) to mini boxes for veggies (constructed of cedar) to raised cedar garden beds and our groovy cedar planter ladder, perfect for decks, patios + balconies.

We also offer full garden installations and custom products - our talented team can build anything you can dream!

Our Products

We hope you take a moment to visit Grow Your Garden and browse our products. We are proudly Calgarian, serving Calgary and surrounding communities and are looking forward to bringing gardening to as many people as possible.

We are also running a special promo for all pre-orders submitted in April, 2020 - just use promo code PREORDER to enjoy free shipping!

Thank you for your support - we can't wait to see you start to Grow Your Garden!!

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