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Image by Matt Chen

Flowerbeds, Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Mulch & Decorative Rock


The team at Sol Landscaping believes that the final touches can be the most important. We provide the artistic touch that sets your yard apart from others and lets your distinct personality shine through. We also help to choose plants that work for your landscape needs including areas with high or low water flow, direct and indirect sunlight, species that are native to Alberta and more. 


Flowerbeds are the accent to your yard that really help to make your vision come to life. The options and possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to flowerbed installation; black mulch, cedar mulch, rundle rock, tanned rock, i-con edging, black plastic edging - there are too many to list! We are happy to assist through the design process and ensure that not only do you love your yard but that the design and materials you choose match your budget.


If you're ready to start your project, we'd love to be in touch! Click through the contact options below and scroll down to see some of our past projects.




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Flowerbed Sol Landscaping 9.jpeg
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Flowerbed Sol Landscaping 15.jpeg
Flowerbeds Sol Landscaping 41.jpeg
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Flowerbed Sol Landscaping 70.jpeg
Flowerbeds Sol Landscaping 10.jpeg
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