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Our team has 13 years of experience with commercial maintenance and are fully licensed, carry commercial liability insurance and WCB.


We are now booking for this season - CONTACT US today, or schedule an appointment with us to review your needs. 


Our history of customer service spans decades. We understand that commercial maintenance is not only about cutting grass or removing snow; it is about the clients we serve and the people who live in or work at the properties we service. We treat each property as if it were our own - ensuring that we take special care and attention with everything we do. 

We also offer unparalleled emergency support. We have a dedicated emergency phone line with a guaranteed response time of 15 minutes. We take special requests seriously and listen to our customers when they need us.


  • Hardscape installations including: Patios, Retaining Walls, Sod, Aggregate

  • Deck + Fence installations

  • Lawn care services

  • Maintenance and pruning of shrubs, trees, ornamental grasses

  • Garden + flowerbed maintenance - mulch top-ups, edging, soil top-ups

  • Tree pruning + removal

  • Irrigation maintenance

  • Garbage, recycling + green solutions

  • Community Garden installations, information + resources

  • Snow + ice removal

Lawn Mower


We take care to ensure that green spaces are properly maintained - with grass that is neither too short to burn nor too long to be unsightly.

We aerate when required, fertilize as needed and provide suggestions as requested on watering options.

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Hardscape elements are often the best investment that can be made. They last a long time and they add immediate value to the property. Our experience with commercial hardscape is robust. From flood repair after the floods in 2013 to general updates, we have the tools to provide the best solutions for commercial properties.

Gardening Tools


Maintenance extends far beyond cutting the grass. Our team can expertly clean and maintain garden and flower beds, install and repair edging between landscape elements, provide irrigation repair and maintenance, provide mulch top-ups and more.

Image by Elaine Casap


Gardens are the perfect way for residents, staff and visitors to relax, channel the beautiful natural world and enjoy a bounty of fresh vegetables and fruit!

We offer clever solutions to spaces that may be otherwise underused, including 'Berry Patches' with edible fruit producing shrubs, community garden installations + more.

Recycling Bottles


Some of the most basic needs can be the most unsightly. We have clever garbage and recycling storage ideas, compost solutions and a variety of other green solutions to make your commercial/residential space as clean, green and functional as possible.

Shovelling Snow


Few items are more important than trustworthy and reliable snow removal professionals. We take snow and ice removal seriously. We provide prompt, reliable, efficient and effective services, with over 13 years of experience in commercial, condo/apartment and residential applications.




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